Connections: old walls and random marks

When traveling, I’m always engaged by old walls: their weathered surfaces, the random marks of passersby, the layers of disintegrating color. Like a mysterious palimpsest, they have an earned patina that speaks a narrative history of time, revealing presence and suggesting absence. My approach to painting incorporates the building of a surface in a similar manner with additions and erosions, intuitive mark, and asemic writing.  These photos have been taken in many parts of the world. Even when I can’t speak the language, I feel instinctually that I understand the visual communication expressed in these surfaces.


scribbled wall


Edinbourgh wall


Oaxaca wall



Oaxaca wall6


turquoise wall OAX


Oaxaca wall3


Oaxaca wall5


Tibet wall




Alchi monatery


Pompeii wall


Herculaneum wall 2


Ladakh wall


Ladakh wall3


Oaxaca wall2


Herculaneum wall1


Ladakh wall2


myanmar wall2


Fez wall


Graffiti wall Myanmar


Paris wall


Myanmar 1

August 17, 2018

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