Connections: old walls and random marks

When traveling, I’m always engaged by old walls: their weathered surfaces, the random marks of passersby, the layers of disintegrating color. Like a mysterious palimpsest, they have an earned patina that speaks a narrative history of time, revealing presence and suggesting absence. My approach to painting incorporates the building of a surface in a similar manner with additions and erosions, intuitive mark, and asemic writing.  I’ve taken these photos in many parts of the world. Even when I can’t speak the language, I feel instinctually that I understand something communicated in these surfaces.


scribbled wall


Edinbourgh wall


Oaxaca wall



Oaxaca wall6


turquoise wall OAX


Oaxaca wall3


Oaxaca wall5


Tibet wall




Alchi monatery


Pompeii wall


Herculaneum wall 2


Ladakh wall


Ladakh wall3


Oaxaca wall2


Herculaneum wall1


Ladakh wall2


myanmar wall2


Fez wall


Japan wall


Graffiti wall Myanmar


Paris wall


Myanmar 1

August 17, 2018

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