Gallery 01 Statement


When I began this series, I had no idea there was a looming pandemic. Life was tumultuous enough. Then it got worse. Temenos refers to a protected place often in nature that’s removed from everyday disorder and chaos. It’s a safe shelter, a refuge.  This place, whether an actual physical location or inner field, can be a sanctum where darkness might be integrated and brought to light.

These works are not conceived as shallow escapist naïveté in the face of existent turmoil and adversity.  They are intended to serve as an entrance to a tender space where compassion, connection, and fortitude can arise, where temenos may be found. Given challenges on all fronts, we need these places of beauty, pause, and renewal more than ever.

As in many of my paintings, the simple open bowl plays a principal role. Though vessels throughout history have had many archetypal associations, and this may be implied here, in these works I use the bowl to represent the psyche or spirit, either of the individual or of the anima mundi, the soul of the world. Some of the vessels suggest a flow of light or energy moving both up and down and connecting it to the surrounding area, a reminder that giving and receiving is a generous fluid act.



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