Gallery 02 Statement


The works in this gallery represent two series. The most recent is seven vertical paintings titled Offerings, each features a meditative upper area of color-field paired with lower zone and a single bowl. Vessels show up frequently in my paintings and have so many interesting symbolic meanings. Predominantly in these works, I think of the bowls as representing the fluid act of giving and receiving, the way we are offered generous gifts of unexpected grace.

The other series Alchemical Transformations is ongoing. Whether understood as a proto-science or as a philosophical, imaginal tradition, alchemy’s mysteries have compelled people across time and culture. It intrigues me as a metaphor. These images are symbolic often referring to the transformation of the psyche. One entity changing into another, a tree dissolving into light, a bird pixilating into surrounding space, a bowl rim with an echoing ellipse – the images are perceptual shifts between physical and metaphysical form. In the language of alchemy, images are utriusque capax (capable of both) light and darkness, conscious and unconscious experience, material and spirit.




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