Gallery 04 Statement


I revisit this series occasionally over time. The work refers to my fascination with those ancient manuscripts and historic palimpsests which often contain cryptic content, undecipherable script, and merged layers of images.  Like the ancient texts that inspire the work in this series, these pieces offer similar speculation about their mysterious content.


A buzz of data surrounds us constantly. Depending upon what one chooses to perceive ay any given moment, focus can be directed with rational thought to that bombardment of information, or to the stillness and numinous depths of meditative space. The physical and metaphysical exist simultaneously. Included in this grouping are paintings that suggest both realms. The imagery here includes mathematical formulas and scientific diagrams, descriptive text such as Newton’s handwritten notes, Richard Feynman’s particle collision diagrams, and fragments of Einstein’s calculations, paired with archetypal symbols, recognizable naturalism, and open color field.

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